Julia Gartside – WALX Guide

Julia is a WALX guide for WALX Derwent and Dales and has been Nordic Walking since 2009.

She was not previously a walker or particularly active but with weight gain, arthritis and retirement on the horizon she finally took herself in hand after reading an article about Nordic Walking and gave it a go.  Like so many other people she found it addictive and has never looked back.

Now her arthritis is manageable with sensible eating and exercise, and she has lost weight and changed shape without really trying. She has met some wonderful people who have become firm friends and has discovered the beautiful countryside in Derbyshire and well beyond.

She is fitter and happier than she has ever been.  She is out walking in all weathers and still surprise herself with the distances she walks, the terrain she is tackling and the challenges she is prepared to take on.

For Julia, Nordic Walking has been a real-life changer and a day without her poles is a day wasted.

Julia delivers her own evening sessions is a dedicated Guide and is always on hand to support other groups.