Fitness, Fun and Friendship

WALX Derwent and Dales is an outdoor fitness company that not only work on getting your body stronger and fitter but also focuses on you and wellbeing.

“Fitness, fun and friendship”, is a fabulous recommendation from our one of our members, Diane. That really resonates with what Coreconcept is about.

Sam Armstrong, who created WALX Derwent and Dales, always wanted to ensure that three other boxes were ticked, which is also the core of her fitness concept; to be professional, passionate and purposeful.

Jeannie wrote in March 2017;

“Nordic Walking helped me get back to me.

I was a very active, fit person who enjoyed life.

Over a period of time I had spinal fractures, broken ribs and I broke my sternum.

To be told at the age of 49 no more high impact sport when you were a runner of marathons and ultra marathons and liked HIIT
activities was really hard to come to terms with, when sport was who I was, it not only gets you physically but mentally to.

Nordic Walking is helping me get back to the best I can be now, not the person I was then.” In fact, Jeannie is one the team members now!

We deliver a variety of outdoor fitness sessions; Nordic walking, Speedhyking, Smoveys, BungyPumps, Wellbeing Walks, Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing, for example. There is something for everyone, for all ages, abilities and energies. The team are praised for being friendly and welcoming of all abilities. That oozes out from the many photos that are taken and showcased on social media.

One of the key areas Sam mentioned was for her and the team to always be mindful of delivering fitness that was “purposeful”. Although the sessions are always as a “Group class”, everyone is looked after as individuals. There are different styles of activities to help with a variety of categories, such as Wellbeing or Challenge Pace. As someone gets stronger there is always something to move along to. Or if someone is injured or had a period of illness, there is a session to accommodate them until their energy and fitness levels improve. One box does not accommodate all!

There is an energy, warmth and commitment to all the members from the Team; they work in cohesion to the WALX ethos but with their focus on what the members want, whilst keeping them safe and happy. There are so many stories to share the friendships made, the difficulties overcome by individuals with the support of the members and team.

If going to the gym or similar classes is not your thing, but you yearn for a happier healthier body then why not come along to a taster session to feel for yourself how we are different and work the body magic. So many people love both the mental health and wellbeing of exercising outside in the fresh air.

Debbie completed the Beginner course and has not looked back since. She wrote a Facebook review;

“Sam is an excellent instructor and her enthusiasm for Nordic Walking is infectious. I completed a fast track learn to Nordic Walk with Sam and I can highly recommend it, I am now hooked. If you want to improve your health and enjoy the great outdoors then give this a try you won’t be disappointed.”

As always, in front of a successful business, there is a fabulous team

Supporting Sam as qualified and accredited Coaches are, June Holden

Ali Beck.

To ensure there is a variety of walks and sessions, the Guides are

Julia Gartside, Jacky Brown, Colin McLean, Jeannie Mordecai, Ralph Eales, Anne Ishikawa and Rosie Kightley.

Updated: October 18, 2019 — 4:00 pm