Chamonix – 2019 The Party with Attitude

Have you ever partied with a bunch of people who are crazy about enjoying life to the max and exploring, escaping for adventures in beautiful scenery?
That really is the only way to describe the recent Walking Escape Break to Chamonix, June 2019.
The party was made of members from the Nordic Walking groups WALX Derwent and Dales, Paths and Pathways and Exercise with Friends. Tracks and Trails were the highly creative and organised company behind the plotting, planning and amazing itinerary. Nothing was left to chance or whimsical last-minute winging it, which is often the case with the inexperienced planner.
Sam, of WALX Derwent and Dales, and the vibrant and energetic co-organiser said, “this is our 10th anniversary of working with Tracks and Trails and in those years we have been to Chamonix twice, Switzerland, Tuscany twice. Croatia, Slovenia, The Basque Country, The Verdon Gorge in France and Majorca. Hopefully, many more to come in the future.”
“Each trip was carefully researched, everything was planned and coordinated to make the best possible experience for our members, all needs are catered for whilst encouraging new members to do something that may be out of their comfort zone.”
Believing that you can do something with experienced guides only makes you want to do it more. The Guides are all international Mountain Guides and have got at least 18 years under their belts of leading groups in the Alps, an all-female team who lead the group along alpine tracks as if everyone is a mountain goat!
“A little zig here and a little zag there, making our way steadily to a peak for some of the finest views we have ever seen.”
What happens on these tours is a unique bonding and empowering experience that photos can only emend you of.
The beauty of these organised trips is that it is organised by professionals, hosted by fabulous Nordic Walking Leaders who want to reciprocate the wonderful friendship born from a shared passion of outdoor exercise and freedom, in an environment where “Oohs become Aaahs”!
This short video captures the flavour of this unique and special few days. The photos used were provided by the members who went and endorses all of their positive reviews.
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Where is Chamonix?
It is really a place called Chamonix Mont Blanc and there’s no such place as Chamonix!  It is located in France, very close to the borders of Switzerland and Italy. Italy is just 20 minutes away via the Mont Blanc tunnel and Switzerland is at the head of the Valley.  The term Chamonix refers to a collection of little villages and hamlets along the valley that runs from Switzerland into France, towards Servoz and St Germain Les Bains/La Fayet.

Chamonix 2019 from Samantha Armstrong on Vimeo.

Miriam and Robert  “What can we say?
Thank you for organising an amazing experience in Chamonix. Your relationship with Julia clearly pays dividends, you are a perfect team. We have enjoyed a holiday which we would not have entertained previously and are looking forward to learning where next year’s jaunt will take us”.

June Holden “Superb trip to Chamonix with Samantha of WALX Derwent and Dales. Fantastic walks, brilliant hotel.Thanks to Julia for organising all the walks. A first-class walking holiday when you achieve things you did not know you could. Loved climbing the Tete de Balme at 1080m ending at the top with one foot in France and the other in Switzerland. Very special.”
“Fun, sun, smiles & snow on the Tete de Balme 2321m. Chamonix Nordic Walking Day.”

Updated: October 18, 2019 — 4:25 pm