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Smovey, Swing and Smile

The Smoveys are FUNctional exercise equipment that really are for everybody; from those confined the chair based routines to top training athletes. They are perfect for well being and for fitness enthusiasts who love a dynamic fitness workout. The ring is often referred to as the “circle of life.” That is exactly how these green […]

Fitness, Fun and Friendship

WALX Derwent and Dales is an outdoor fitness company that not only work on getting your body stronger and fitter but also focuses on you and wellbeing. “Fitness, fun and friendship”, is a fabulous recommendation from our one of our members, Diane. That really resonates with what Coreconcept is about. Sam Armstrong, who created WALX […]

What is speedhyking?

What is speedhyking? What is speedhyking? It takes pole walking to new levels for those who want to challenge their bodies further. It is developed from the Nordic walking technique (walking with poles) and is a full body workout.The activity is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles and suitable for the […]