“In March I was struggling to step outside my front door due to a balance problem. I didn't realise at the time but this was exacerbated by severe anxiety. I really thought that I would have to succumb to a walking stick for balance as I was so dizzy. Instead I found Sam Armstrong's Nordic Walking class on line and 8 months later I have hardly any anxiety or balance issues and am feeling great thanks to the love, support and understanding that Sam and all the groups have shown me.”

— Linda Poynton

“Having suffered considerable pain and reduced mobility for some time due to Plantar Fasciitis I consulted Sam. As a result of massage over a period of 4 weeks I am now pain free and normal mobility has returned.”

— RE

“Nordic Walking has given me a new lease of life! I have ME, fibromyalgia and arthritis and found regular physical exercise only exacerbated my pain and fatigue. At my first Nordic Walking session at Kedleston Park I could barely limp around the car park – however, I loved being able to stand up straight with the poles and didn’t want to give them back! Twelve months on I use my poles everywhere, inside and outside the house, and I couldn’t manage without them. It’s been amazing to get back out into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. For the first time, since becoming disabled, I really feel that I have my life back. Thanks to Sam’s encouragement and support I took part in a charity walk and also got through the long harsh winter without being trapped or isolated by the cold. Sam is a very special person and instructor and it is a privilege to be part of her Nordic Walking family. My ambition is to become fit enough to train with Sam at her Thursday “Nordic Boot Camp” class! Train with Core Concept and you won’t regret it. Thank you Sam for your professionalism, kindness and support.”

— Lisa

“Discovering Core Concept has been a life saver! I started with personal training back in Feburary 2007; Sam has raised my self esteem beyond my dreams, and I now am addicted to Nordic Walking! Sam listens to your needs and works out what is needed to reach your goal. RING NOW – YOU WON’T REGRET IT!”

— Phillipa

“Fun, friendship, fitness, fresh air and freedom’ These words sum up Nordic Walking, this activity has become an integral part of my life. I always feel energised and uplifted, I have lost weight, my clothes fit better and the compliments I have received have added to my self esteem. Everyday life can be demanding but as soon as I start walking the stresses start to fall away, I feel free, like there is no roof on my head. As a visually impared walker I started walking in local parks and then gradually built up more confidence and progressed to longer and faster walks,over steeper and rugged terrain’. It is a tribute to Sam’s professionalism, support and kindness that has made it possible for me, Sam has ‘enabled’ me to make some significant changes to my life through Nordic Walking.”

— Sue

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